Monday, May 30, 2011

Street Fighter : Ken Masters

No updates for awhile, I've been on night shift which always sends me off into a bit of a spin. I've also been dealing with some difficult situations that have been getting me down but I've made a list! I might have a chance of working through some of them. Of course, this is a blog for my stitches so back to business. Here is my latest update on the scott pilgrim collage and a small project I finished while I was keeping the zombies at bay on night shift:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Collage

Work has begun on Siva's SP pattern. I needed a little break from the endless reds of crocomire (and yes note to self, I have squillions of other things underway but I'm greedy). Have a few hours to spare this evening to make a bit more progress, might be able to add a torso to those floating legs, who knows?!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Cute!

Started playing Okamiden today. It says it came out in Australian stores on the 17th of March but I don't remember seeing it?....anyway, I'M IN LOVE! This game is just what I needed having given my consoles the flick over the last month. I can see the distinct similarities between this and LoZ, as I'm only 2 hours in I don't think I can say I like it more but it's definitely up there. Now I would like all of these please.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Days off Fly By

It seems like I only just finished night shift and now I'm facing work again this afternoon : ( I wanted to be able to ride in today as well but the weather is very soggy to say the least.

Here's my latest update of crocomire. From a distance he's looking pretty detailed. I find it hard to believe the whole picture is comprised of only 12 colours! I think because of the lack of variation though I'm finding it a little hard to stay inspired, it's just never ending rows of red....

Sprite stitch forum member heliumkidd posted a bunch of metroid stitches they have worked on in the past. I'm using them as motivation to carry on with my own. I think they look super fantastic! Below is a little sample of their work. Phantoon! Looks pretty amazing I think. You can see the rest of their metroid related work HERE

I'd love to have that framed on my wall. I wonder what my guests would think?