Thursday, March 31, 2011

Galaga Fridge Magnets

The weather has taken another cold windy rainy turn in Hobart which in my opinion is great! I really like nothing more then sipping hot tea, wearing ridiculous indoor socks and listening to the elements continue on outside my window. My cat firmly agrees with me minus the tea and socks. I have finally got some darice plastic canvas, silly me didn't think to check the shops, I just assumed it was something I'd have to order off ebay but lo and behold, good old Spotlight had some sheets tucked away. They also had some plain magnets, some mobile charm cords and some brooch pins so I went a little bit silly in the spending department. Since then I've been having a load of fun stiching up these galaga sprites (they very quick to make!) and turning them into fridge magnets. I've still got to tidy up the borders but the effect it immediate and appealing. Next week I expect stitch progress in general to slow right down. A) I'm back at work. B) Game of Thrones arrived today in the post, not sure what I'm getting myself in to there and C) Some fresh air and time with friends might not go astray ; )

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sailor Mercury Part 2

So this is the second Sailor Mercury I had planned to stitch all finished. I'll be getting started on the 3rd and final(ish) pattern real soon! I hope my buddy likes them!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sailor Mercury

There's this mate of mine who was a rather large fan of Sailor Mercury back when morning cartoons were an absolute must before school. When I saw these on the forums here I couldn't resist so thanks 'spbrat7731' for converting them to pattern. I plan to fashion a series of 3 as a gift...that is if I can stop at 3! While I'm still off work at the moment I've been able to power through a few little projects and begin what I hope I will eventually be the banner for this page (pictures to follow when there's a bit more substance). I've also collected all the threads and cloth for those metroid patterns I've been considering for awhile. Determined!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story

This game on the DS was great great great! Here is another stitch I just finished from a sprite using KG Chart. I didn't change any of the 26 colours this time around and was really happy with the result. It took about 10 hours to complete.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Secret of Mana - Rabites

Just a little update today to share this. They are the first sprites I converted myself from the game Secret of Mana for the Super Nintendo (another major favourite). Not 100% happy with the colour conversion so I did make a few changes. The end result was...ok?

On a personal level I'm off to the surgical specialist today to see how I'm healing up from a dash of sugery I had a few weeks ago. It's likely I'll be off work for a little bit longer which basically means more time to be a hermit and stitch my little heart out. So not all bad. Plans are to finish a few big Super Metroid pieces (namely a large Metroid and Crocomire) and get cracking on a banner for this page.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mario Through The Ages

This next one has been underway for the last 2 months and is likely to take a loooong time for me to finish. Measuring approximately 20cm by 40cm it's another pattern I found here on the sprite stitch forums. The link shows what the stitching will eventually look like as mine is still about 1/3 complete. It's the backgrounds that get me. It's just never ending! I thought stitching one off coloured pixels was irritating...Anyway I'll post more as this comes along over the next few months. I've got night shift coming up, that's always a good opportunity to fill in a few squares while my patients visit snooze land!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Metroid : Samus

The following piece is based off a sprite from one of my all time favourite Super Nintendo games, Super Metroid. I still love this game HEAPS and will brush it off and play it at least ever year. The pattern was taken directly from this:

The pattern was kindly put together by riotpatch here and I set about sitching it straight away. For a bit of a change I purchased some black aida cloth which I think made it look great but is a real pain to stitch on when the threads you are working with are black themselves. I think I went a bit crazy.

And voila! The finish product will soon be going to it's new home in Japan. As frustrating as the black aida is I'm planning to use it again for some more metroid based stitchings!

Mario Bookmark

Below is my very first attempt at cross stitch after about 6 years. I had been working on a kit from Anchor, a red poppy field house blue sky scene but it was so fiddly and had taken so long I filed it away permanently and decided that cross sitch was for when I enter a care facility. Then just randomly I was mucking around on the internets and found this pattern complete with coded DMC thread chart!
Find the pattern HERE! I'm yet to work out how to make the edges all fancy mind you so currently it's not really a workable bookmark but I was pleased with my first attempt.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I seem to be doing quite well without sunlight and human contact.

I hope for this to be an easy place to post updates and pictures of whatever crafty exploits I have been up to plus links to other wonderful adventures. I have been really getting in to the cross stitch game over the last few months, it's something I've been doing since I was a wee one but with programs such as KG Chart and the like, I've been getting in to stitching game sprites instead of boring flowery alphabets. I'm not the best stitcher, I forbid you to ever look at the back of any of my pieces, they are a hodge podge of knots and disgrace which is why they will be whisked into a frame asap. Some of my patterns have come directly from the forums and I will credit them appropriately, others have been made by me using KG Chart and sprite resources. I'm always keen for new ideas or requests!