Sunday, May 1, 2011

Days off Fly By

It seems like I only just finished night shift and now I'm facing work again this afternoon : ( I wanted to be able to ride in today as well but the weather is very soggy to say the least.

Here's my latest update of crocomire. From a distance he's looking pretty detailed. I find it hard to believe the whole picture is comprised of only 12 colours! I think because of the lack of variation though I'm finding it a little hard to stay inspired, it's just never ending rows of red....

Sprite stitch forum member heliumkidd posted a bunch of metroid stitches they have worked on in the past. I'm using them as motivation to carry on with my own. I think they look super fantastic! Below is a little sample of their work. Phantoon! Looks pretty amazing I think. You can see the rest of their metroid related work HERE

I'd love to have that framed on my wall. I wonder what my guests would think?


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