Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life got in the way a bit there...

Here's a update of my 'mario through the ages' cross stitch I started way back at the start of the year. I completely neglected it due to the block colour grind but since picking it up again I've got some renewed interest (not saying it will last but progress is progress). Haven't updated in a long time, lost the plot for a bit and then went on a bit of a trip around Australia and made eating out and drinking too much my daily pursuit. I had planned to have the Wind Waker piece all finished a month or so ago but I discovered an error in my stitchy ways and threw the whole thing to the bottom of the pile...I'll get back to it eventually, once my frustration settles!


Topcho said...

That's one epic awesome project! Wow! But the huge one colour blocs would really kill me ^^"" Good luck!

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