Friday, April 29, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

To be honest I completely forgot today was the big day for Wills and Kate. I only figured it all out when my dear ma and pa showed up tonight with some fish and chips to watch the live broadcast. I kept half an eye on the procedings while the rest of me focused on plotting out my next project. I didn't get nearly enough time on night shift to work on my crocomire which was a bit of a shame. We had a few very busy nights and broke a new record I believe with 5 deaths on the ward within 24 hours! All were expected but it kept us on our toes. Whoever thought night shift is for sitting around relaxing (and doing cross stitch) was a mad person! Glad to be back in to the land of the living now. I'll spend a bit of time on it tomorrow and post another pic soon of any work I do get done :S

The image to the left is a free cross stitch pattern from the Subversive Cross Stitch page available HERE for those who feel inclined to whip up a bit of memorabilia.

And my next big project? Well of course I can't settle for half a dozen on the go, I WANT MORE! When I came across sprite stitch forum user Siva's Scott Pilgrim collage I went slightly bananas and wanted to get started straight away. I didn't....but I did go out and buy a metre of aida for a start. This is the first time I've purchased aida in bulk, it's pretty expensive down here, most craft shops are independantly owned and charge up to $20 extra for the same product. I'd toyed with ordering some off ebay but when I want something I often want it right there and then :P The original image looks like this - >

Siva spent 6 hours working on putting all the sprites together and I can't be more wowed with result (sorry my picture quality isn't great but you get the idea). The pattern is available HERE. Just note that the second pattern posted is the one to go for as it's been rejigged to add a missing nose into the action!

Alright that should about do it from me. It's time to relax now the parents have headed home and watch the latest installment from Harry Potter :P


Siva said...

This is Siva, I'm glad someone else liked this pattern!! Did you ever start making it? I spent a ridicoulous amout of time making the pattern (easily 90hours), but I only ended up stitching 5 of the sprites so far.

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