Thursday, March 31, 2011

Galaga Fridge Magnets

The weather has taken another cold windy rainy turn in Hobart which in my opinion is great! I really like nothing more then sipping hot tea, wearing ridiculous indoor socks and listening to the elements continue on outside my window. My cat firmly agrees with me minus the tea and socks. I have finally got some darice plastic canvas, silly me didn't think to check the shops, I just assumed it was something I'd have to order off ebay but lo and behold, good old Spotlight had some sheets tucked away. They also had some plain magnets, some mobile charm cords and some brooch pins so I went a little bit silly in the spending department. Since then I've been having a load of fun stiching up these galaga sprites (they very quick to make!) and turning them into fridge magnets. I've still got to tidy up the borders but the effect it immediate and appealing. Next week I expect stitch progress in general to slow right down. A) I'm back at work. B) Game of Thrones arrived today in the post, not sure what I'm getting myself in to there and C) Some fresh air and time with friends might not go astray ; )


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