Friday, April 1, 2011

My Little Cthulhu

As someone who grew up with My Little Pony I couldn't resist posting about this! Finland based artist Mari Kasurinen has sculpted an entire collection of my little pony friends and continues to add to them. Please go here to see the rest, I insist! Personal favourites include Cthulhu, David Bowie and Godzilla! Now to get back to my own stuff. I started the Crocomire today, only managed to stitch a claw so not worth taking a picture as yet. Also finished a few more plastic sprites, namely a green shell from mario 3 and an energy tank from mega man. Not sure whether to make them in to key rings, badges or magnets. Decisions. Only 2 more days of freedom before heading back to the ward too. Have to make them most of them as crafty business will probably become sparse when I get back into the full time shift work gig!


Topcho said...

Lol those are totally awesome! I had to goole all of them! XD I think my favourite were the Star Wars and the ALice in Wonderland ones, but I can't pick one single pony to be the most favourite

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