Monday, April 25, 2011

Night Shift Shuffle

Happy Easter everyone! I realise I'm a bit late by Australian times but ahh well, have a picture anyway of what I believe is a clapping bunny! As my post title suggests I'm on night shift at the moment which can mean a few things. Firstly, I'm likely to be extremely cranky until Friday and should be kept far away from family and friends to avoid permanent damage. Secondly on a more positive note, I have packed my cross stitch and might actually have a chance to muck around with it a bit. Still working on crocomire at the moment, he's coming along nicely in a scary lava monster way. I really would like to learn how to crochet so in an attempt to make this a reality I purchased a small amigurumi set with the promise of 'full step by step instructions enclosed'. Unfortunately it worked on the premise you had half a clue which I sadly lack...I'm trying to find some good online tutorials with pictures and video. I'll get there!


Topcho said...

Happy Easter to you too and good luck with the amigurumis!

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