Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So it turns out...

That you can paint pixels as well. I'm a bit behind :/ I went to a reject shop a while back and picked up a bunch of ultra cheap canvases which have just been sitting there waiting for my inspiration to spark. Can I start by saying I suck at painting? I just don't have the patience or the eye for it...so of course I had to give painting a sprite a go which requires all that and more!

Still a work in progress. My grid is disgusting (I used a 15cm hello kitty ruler), the squares, if that's what you'd call them, are all over the place. The colours need to properly finished off, I was rushing and wanting to get it down to see how it would all work together. Next time I'll be more patient and use a set square :P

Had my first day back at work too. Thought it was going to be awful, woke up with no coffee in the house, knocked a box of 500 cotton buds off a shelf all over the place, bad hair unable to be tamed with straightener and didn't get to ride in because the weather was horrible. In reality though it was lovely to be back in amongst it. Cooperative patients, pleasant doctors, coffee here there and everywhere and time out to actually sit down and relax. Here's hoping the second day back is just as enjoyable. (famous....last....words......)


Topcho said...

Ohh that's nice! I've never thought to do something like this! It will look pretty cool once done! ;D

Vespa Nurse said...

Cheers! I stumbled across a few examples of it and thought 'hey, that makes sense AND looks amazing, why not have a go?'. Anyway it sure beats stitching when you want a quick result!

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